We use the same Italian factories and leather as brands that sell for $600.

We wanted that quality for a fairer price, so we created
Owen Edward.

We spent a year with our shoemakers in Italy creating the perfect pair.

Owen Edward full-grain calfskin


Our calfskin is full-grain, the top layer of the hide – the most durable and breathable cut. It shows the character of the leather and ages beautifully. 
Owen Edward seamless heelcaps


We use single piece heelcaps with no center stitch. It requires a larger cut of perfect leather, but the cost is worth it: faster wear-in and fewer blisters.
Owen Edward leather soles


Our soles are leather—stitched, not glued—which lets your feet breathe and stay cool. Rubber soles are better in the rain, but make your feet sweaty. 
Owen Edward stacked heels


We use stacked leather heels, which are quiet to walk on, and easy to repair. For grip, we cap them with a replaceable natural rubber top piece. 
Owen Edward suede heel lining


The insides of our heels are lined with suede, which helps prevent blisters by stopping your feet from moving around inside the shoes.
Owen Edward handmade in Italy


Still the world's best place to make high quality, lasting footwear. Small, expert teams, crafting shoes the old way—by hand.

We made our business simple to keep prices low.

Owen Edward business model

We think you should know exactly what you're paying for. Here are our actual costs:

Owen Edward leather and stitching cost

$ 63

Three square feet of full-grain Italian calfskin, plus the stacked leather heel, laces and stitching for the sole.

Owen Edward italian shoemaker costs


$ 83

10 artisans and the technical coordinator working under the supervision of our Master shoe-maker, Gianluca.

Owen Edward other overhead costs

$ 29

Bulk freight, freight insurance, customs duties, warehouse costs, credit card fees and other overhead. 

I'm Eddie. 

I started Owen Edward because I needed to feed an unsustainable habit of buying top shelf dress shoes. It began reasonably enough—my first pair was $120, at the start of collegebut I went from there to $250 (internship), to $400 (first real job), finally peaking at over $600 (first promotion). 

Problem is, $600 is an insane amount of money to spend every time you need new dress shoes – but once you've had a taste of the good stuff, it's hard to go back to those corrected-grain, paper-thin, glued-together sweatshop nightmares.

So we went to Italy, found a high-end shoemaker, and spent a year creating our ultimate, simple, black dress shoe. The result is Owen Edward: an elaborate scheme to get a lifetime supply of affordable, high quality, Italian-made dress shoes for me and my friends. You are also welcome to purchase them.